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The HSI B-25 Mitchell with "Eagle" paint scheme. Photo and composite © J. Kevin Tumlinson

The logos above link to addtional information for each undewriter (program funder). If a number appears, that slot is still available. Each number corresponds to a certain level of investment on the part of the underwriter. For an explanation of each level, please consult the legend below:

Quarter-million dollar underwriter. (Four funders are being sought at this level)
Three million dollar underwriter. (One funder is being sought at this level)
Two million dollar underwriter. (Two funders are being sought at this level)
One million dollar underwriter. (Two funders are being sought at this level)




A $5 million underwriter will eliminate, in most cases, the requirement for a second or third major commercial underwriter. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as well as foundations and PBS will usually finance the remaining half of the production budget, providing unprecedented and enormous promotional value for the sole major underwriter. Note: This is the arrangement that Ken Burns (producer/director of Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, etc.) has with General Motors.

HSI Underwriter/Sponsor Benefits (PDF)
HSI Underwriter/Sponsor Benefits(Word)

Interested in being an underwriter for Honor Squadrons International? Please e-mail Executive Producer Todd Hewey at to request a copy of our underwriter's package. You may also call him at 281-345-9400.

Below please find more information about the Honor Squadrons International underwriters.

Microsoft Game Studios
2/18/03--Microsoft Game Studios ("MGS"), makers of the best-selling Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator video games, has joined Honor Squadrons International ("HSI") as an inkind production underwriter. MGS will create High-Definition photo-realistic cut scenes for the 10-part, 10-hour HSI series, demonstrating important events in aviation history. Click on the links below to read the press release.

MS Word Version
PDF Version

Click here for sample computer graphic still images ("CGI"), taken from full-motion sequences created by the newly developed game engine featured in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3. These remarkable images demonstrate the minimum level of detail that will be seen in the Microsoft created CGI