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Welcome to HonorSquadrons.com, the official web site for the upcoming PBS PLUS television series Honor Squadrons International.


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On this site you'll find firsthand stories and interesting facts behind the creation of PBS's first international High-Definition aviation series. Honor Squadrons International (HSI) will cover the organizations and individuals from around the world who restore and fly the famous (and infamous) military, racing and civilian aircraft of aviation history, spanning from 1903 to 1975. The series will also feature those individuals who made history designing and flying those aircraft.

Honor Squadrons.com is meant to be both entertaining and educational. Below, you will find descriptions of each section of the Honor Squadrons.com web site. Please feel free to move around the site, and to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at comments@honorsquadrons.com.

Home This is the HSI home page where you will find information on updates and special announcements.
What is HSI? Here you can read a brief history of HSI, including the original Honor Squadrons documentary. You may also read about our goals for the series, our audience and even a brief Mission Statement.
Why HSI? This page lets you read a personal message from Honor Squadrons International Executive Producer, Todd Hewey. Todd talks about the importance of education, the preservation history and the role that HSI plays in this monumental task.
Headquarters Here you may read about the cast and crew of HSI, including their personal bios and photographs, plus learn which historical aircraft they claim as their favorites.
Allies This page gives you access to biographical information and photos of the important production partners and contributors that make HSI possible.
Underwriters Potential underwriters will find an artist rendition of the HSI B-25 "Eagle" camera plane, showing where their underwriter/sponsorship logo will be positioned. A detailed list of promotional, advertising and educational benefits is also available to potential HSI Underwriters/Sponsors in PDF and Word file formats.
Missions Click here for a guide to each of the ten episodes of Honor Squadrons International.
Photo Recon Here you will find an intriquing and entertaining look at the equipment and arial platforms used to make Honor Squadrons International. You will also learn about HSI's primary camera plane, the B-25 "Eagle."
Behind the Scenes This page offers letters of support for HSI, as well as video, audio and text documents that chronicle the production crew's quest to produce HSI. Learn what it's really like to make a High Definition television series!
HSI in the News This section contains written articles and video feature stories about HSI that have been published or broadcast.
PX This is where you will find Honor Squadrons International branded merchandise, as well as special offers and "freebies" for download.
Hangar Here you will find the HSI database of historical aircraft. You will be able to read biographies as well as a pilot's perspective on flying the aircraft. There are also photos and links to other web sites with unique information on each airplane.
Shop Talk This is HSI's forum for pilots and restoration enthusiasts -- a place where they can exchange restoration advice, buy and sell parts and research locations and owners of aircraft restoration projects.
Dispatch To contact Honor Squadrons International, simply click here. You will find e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers.

We hope you enjoy visiting our web site!  Come back often, as updates to the site and production will be taking place on a regular basis.

Thank you, and Keep’em Flying!

Todd Hewey

Creator / Executive Producer