Rich Petro of War and Pieces
Rich Petro
Composite by J. Kevin Tumlinson

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Focke-Wulf 190 D-9





Born in Hartford,1948
; I remember my first model building experience at about age 6, an Aurora Skynight Jet aircraft built with an entire tube of glue. The early influences were books like "God is My Co-Pilot", "The First and the Last" and "War of the Worlds"; T.V. shows like "Victory at Sea" and "Twentieth Century."

I built 1/72 aircraft models throughout grammar and high school but found the demands of a college education eclipsing my desire and time to build models. Upon graduation (degree in English from the University of Hartford), I proceeded to put my education to work by becoming a parts manager at a Honda motorcycle shop . Oh yeah, I also raced motorcycles(not too successfully but it was damn fun to go as fast as you could) and played bass guitar in a rock group.

Upon successfully convincing my wife Diana to support me, my original partner Ed Risk and I opened a hobby shop devoted to the art of plastic modelling. That was in 1973 and since then War and Pieces has grown with several more partners and tons more inventory. Of course, myself and War and Pieces were responsible for converting one avid follower to the dark side (modelling as opposed to school work; Todd,did you really cut school to come to the store and play "Risk"?*).

*Yes he did! In October of 1974, Todd was 16 years old and a Sophomore at Manchester High School (CT). On a Friday, he cut out of school (the only time in his life), for a whole day to play "Risk" at War & Pieces with Rich and 4 other grown men who took the day off from work to conquer the world. It was a great time for all, but Todd got caught on Monday. After all, his brother was a teacher at the high school and asked their mother where Todd was that day. Todd received 20 hours of detention, a swift kick in the pants and a major scolding from his father, but, according to Todd, it was worth it for just that one day of conquest. Oh, by the way he won the game!

Our Illustrious Founder, Todd C. Hewey,
at the moment of victory.
Photo © Rich Petro